I love Europe

I think Europe is good. It has brought me personal peace. But Europe can break. The reason is that very few feel like Europeans. One must internalize it. I was born in germany in 1955, but I feel as a European. The national interests are not as important as the common Europe. Since Europe is made up of very many languages ​​and cultures that have their roots, it is not easy to co-operate. The glabe world is very complex. Whoever knows simple ways with such complexes hang on us. Some people think you could go back on your own as you did before. Some countries could do it. Whether it is better for you to wait. An example is England. They never really had to submit to the rules of Europe. However, in many regions it has received a lot of money for weak areas. England still has the kingdom in her head. But it will break. Nordengland will have a chance to go back to Europe.
The European Parliament can not do much. It will become much more democratic. The huge surpluses of Germany in exports also weaken many countries in Europe. I also find the conflict with Greece terrible. You know how the mentality is in many southern countries. You can not give them money and continue to give money so they can pay your interest again. Strong countries must help a lot more weaker countries. People have to think we are exploiting them. If you give someone money where the probability is very large that the country can not repay the money, then the interest rates are very high. You deserve good money. Especially if there are countries guaranties for the failures. Sure you expect something, but life does not just consist of money. It is a peaceful life. Here in Germany productivity is very high, but wages are low. All of this weakens our Europe. We can produce much cheaper. The Germans are not the biggest but stupid things are all about work.
Our life is built on growth, but we can not go on like this.
Growth at the expense of others. Other people and nature. Only nature can not be negotiated.
 I am for Europe the diversity of people and cultures.
 I am in favor of Europe, so we can not let anything be dictated by America

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